Attitudes about the current Covid-19 epidemic

I have just turned 65 and am being treated for a recurrence of Asthma. My chest has been tight and I believe it is due to the pollen in the air. It is Springtime here in North Carolina and all the trees are coming out as well as a green coating on my cars. My wife and daughter seem to think I have contracted the Corona virus and they talk about my updating my will and what to do if we all die. They each spend a lot of time on social media which I avoid like the plague. (Pun intended)

How do I counter their “doom and gloom” thinking?

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I don't think your family is being fair by 'assuming' you have the virus. They should be more supportive. My husband has allergies; sneezes, coughs at times, especially after being outdoors. It's spring ! That's what happens at this time of year. Your family should lighten up, get more informed about Covid 19. Take care ! let us know how you're doing !  Smiley Happy

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I see this post was a while ago.  I hope you and your family are doing well.  I suffer from seasonal allergies, too.  But my symptoms are a stuffy nose and sneezing.  Not the COVID symptoms.   Still, I take my temperature daily.   


I hope that you are all able to self-isolate.  I don't think there's much danger if you do that.   But my fire department has recommended everyone fill out a File of Life card for medical providers.  One of the bad things about this disease is nobody can visit you in the hospital.  And if you can't talk, this card will give first responders and medical providers the information they need. 

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Thanks for your words of encouragement.  I tell myself that this disease does not kill everyone who gets it and I was reading that from the cases of people dying from the Covid-19 virus, most of them were overweight or had diabetes.

It seems that having a lung condition does not predispose one to dying from the virus.  In the meantime I am isolating and keeping active.


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