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Remembrance of 9/11

Thank you, Nicole, and others for asking how I am doing.  I have several significant milestones this month and next.  Just celebrated my husband's birthday (with candles and jazz music).  Not the same without him and his smiles and good nature.  Fiftieth wedding anniversary is coming up and then his death in October.  During all that time 2 years ago his health declined unexpectedly, which no one saw coming.  Having said all that I am reminded that today is a tragic day for all of us and this country.  I'm sure many of you distinctly remember where you were and what you were doing. Some of us lost loved ones or knew friends and acquaintances who died.  Wow.  Once again, I am living outside my own grievance zone (not a good term) and realizing life brings tragedies to all of us.  I pray for those who mourn today and hope they can find peace and comfort.  After all these years many survivors are still suffering mentally and/or physically.  We are all on some kind of journey and this reinforces the reality that we are not alone.  Sad but true.  Please continue to help others less fortunate, alone or in despair.  It may help lighten the load we are carrying.  Take care, your friend, Sue

Honored Social Butterfly

Thank you for recognizing this important day. It

does kind of make one feel lucky to be alive. I have 

a 9/11 T shirt I always wear on 9/11. I will never


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