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Recent Death of my mom

I have been a caregiver for mom for 3 plus years, she passed away recently and now I have a life without her. I miss her smile and laughter but most of all her. 


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@lorid365940 so very very sorry for your loss. I was caregiving for my Mom many years when she died 4 yrs ago and it is still hard - I miss her so. Please take comfort knowing that you were the best daughter you could be to her and cared for her. 


You might think about ways you can memorialize her and think about her - especially during the holidays as this can be such a tough time of year to be grieving. Below is the lik to an I wrote for AARP with tips for getting through the holidays when grieving. We lost my niece Jan 4th one year, a year later my Mom on Oct. 11 and a year later my sister in early December. The holidays are hard for us too...

Dealing with Grief Through the Holidays: 10 Things to Get You Though this Difficult Time 


My heart goes out to you - warm hugs! 


Take care, 

Amy Goyer

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@lorid365940 wrote:

I have been a caregiver for mom for 3 plus years, she passed away recently and now I have a life without her. I miss her smile and laughter but most of all her. 


thank you so much for sharing about your mother. You've known her all your life! and there is a void for sure. i hope you have lots of loving memories, and have the feeling that she is with you, in bits of wisdom she shared, in things you both enjoyed together, perhaps in belongings that meant something to her and now to you.


there's a rather quiet grief community here on, also, if you want to check that one out:


i hope you have people who love you to be with during the upcoming holidays. they can be so hard after a loss.




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@lorid365940 - I'm sorry for your loss, and especially in that you were your Mom's caregiver for 3+ years! It's good to retain fond memories, and remember the void someone's passing creates, as we move into the next phase of our lives!


Although I didn't need to be a caregiver until the last few months of my Mom's cancer, I still miss having her wise insight, when I have to make important decisions now .. and it's been 15 years since she died! Even in light-hearted situations, I miss the banter between us .. and if we'd switch to Yiddish, because we didn't want people to understand us when out & about! 🙂

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