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My mom passed away

On October 29, 2021 my mom passed away surrounded by family. She had congestive heart failure and was 82. She had 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Her great granddaughter is 3 months old and her great grandson is 2 weeks old and she never got to meet him. She was my best friend...

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I just recently lost my mom, too. I feel the same way. As I prepare her obituary and look through her pictures, I find myself reframing our relationship and how I think of her—not as the sick woman she was for so long, but younger, even as the nursing student she once was. Had I been her peer, we would have had the best time! I think we will continue to grow and change together. I’m so grateful for that and for the sendoff in life she gave me. I wish you comfort in dealing with your loss and grappling with all the transitions—the physical, the emotional… My belief is that she has met her new great-grandson and will continue to be in and out of her loved ones’ lives.

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I am so sorry for your loss, @CynthiaM250211 ; I was not lucky enough to have the relationship you had with your Mom; very envious. Know that her greatness is you and that will continue through your children and grand-children, and it will be glorious!

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Sorry for your loss. I know how  you feel to lose your mother who you also say was your best friend, I felt the same way when I lost my mother. My prayers to you and your family. 

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