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Mother's Day Remembrance


As we continue to live in our grief and try to resume some feeling of normalcy, it may be helpful to remember others who already went through loss and in some cases were able to make lives for themselves despite their own pain and emptiness.  They are our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, surrogate mothers, woman friends, etc.  In addition to loss of a loved one, they may have also experienced wars, economic depression, sickness, as well.  This type of retrospection is helpful because it reminds us, we are not alone.  We are not the only victims of a loss.  We can become more empathetic and caring.  We can start living outside of our grief and recognize that others before us, have survived and are living lives sometimes meaningful and productive.  Be kind to your memories. Also be kind to those who need emotional support around you now.  That is what we have been doing in our AARP grieving community. We can make a difference and already have by sharing and caring. Have a good day.  Sue









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Hi Sue  @SueS788527

Great topic....& well-written! 💐

Take care ~Allen 🌈

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