When will AARP Rewards WORK 10/03/22

I have been trying to purchase gift cards for several days now and the site continues to show "cart checkout is currently unavailable and purchases have been temporarily disabled."  Do you know when it will come back up?

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I am not so sure admin has anyone on it's payroll that has any idea on how to repair whats so terribly wrong with this program. Here is the latest malfunction with rewards redemption. 




 " Transaction confirmed. Please check your Transaction History"

WHY  do I need to do that ?? It's not going to tell me if I have an Instant Win now is it ??

Just wasted 50 points. I figured it would be better to wait before I do anymore redemption's

"That dog don't hunt !!"

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I have had that error too; it appeared for me a few days ago. 

I had been so far fairly lucky with the website giving me points, however delayed, after a video or a quiz. This has changed! 

This website is a dumpster fire!

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@mj2557732 We will post here when it is resolved.

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Been broken for over 3 weeks. Should of easily been fixed by now.


Problems with AARP's website have been going on for ever. How long before you get it fixed, or get some real engineers?


Earlier this morning, I was watching videos to get points and it seemed that every other video was giving me points. However, just watched 10 videos - back-to-back, refreshed 4 times to try and get a video to credit me points. Guess what, ' points,' every time! No matter what I do, I am not getting credited for points! When is this going to get fixed? I am seriously getting PTSD because of it. Do you think everyone has time to watch an excess amount of videos hoping that one will actually stick? How about an update? @AARPTeri / @AARPJanelleM ? Anyone that can tell us anything new? This is ridiculous. You have tried my patience, indeed. 

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Hey  @Jason2020

Woww....sorry to hear you’re “seriously getting PTSD”

I had been gettin that too......

Then it turned into PTSDLMFAO...because so much of this site has been such a joke lately! 😄

I also got LMFAO-LSMFT

& then it turned into LSMINHAHA

(meaning "Laughing So Much I Nearly Had A Heart Attack")

& even the dreaded LSMMSFIMNAC 😱

(meaning "Laughing so much my sombrero falls into my nachos and cheese") 🤣


Take care ☮️ ~Allen 🌈


🗣 Not the dreaded, 'LSMMSFIMNAC!' 😱


Hate when that happens. 🤣


Take it easy. 🤣



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Try this:  Filter to Videos/Earn Frequency

there will be enough videos in the first four pages under two and a half minutes in length to max out.  Open all the short videos on page one that are less than 2.5 minutes b y right clicking/open in new tab.  Run those videos and close each tab when the black window pops up. Once those tabs are done, continue through the next three pages.  The latter half of page two, and the beginning half of page three are always lengthy.  In fact, only the last three in page three are short.  Page four has a lot of short ones scattered through the page.  Do this and disregard what it says about points or no points until it pops up saying you have maxed out at 7500 points, or something like that.  On my Mac the video just before the maxed out message has no pop up at all when it finishes.  It appears the message is what is messed up, not the actual earning process.





Well, they fixed the part where, if it says

"Sorry, no points this time."

You really don't get the points now. No reason for getting the message in the first place and they haven't bothered to fix that.


I apologize to those that also figured out how to get the videos done quickly, like I outlined here.  If I hadn't said anything, they wouldn't have "fixed it". Now, it's not just a waste of time trying to get them to make this place better, it's also a waste of time to play their games.

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Let me say from the outset that I am extremely happy to see you back posting to this forum. I looked forward to your replies on many interesting topics posted here.

Now to get to the crux of the matter, your exceptionally fantastic.

explanation on navigating the annoying and frustrating problems that are plaguing the AARP videos.

I certainly wish I had learned your fix quite some time ago. 

I first tried only page 2 & 3 (4 videos 1200pts) and verified the total points which was spot on. 

Next I tried page 4 ( 8 videos 2400pts) and checked the total points again. 


Long story short I finished through to Page 8 and totaled 7500pts, I then changed to a quiz for 450pts and finished with 7950pts 

I encountered only 2 "Sorry no points" but I WAS credited with the points. Overall your solution probably saved me as much as 30 to 45 minutes of much needed sleep. 

It was as you stated "the message is what is messed up, not the actual earning process" 

Many many Kudo's to you and I hope you will stay around and continue to offer your knowledge and help us dummies figure things out. 

Thank you very much  


I would have been back more often if I hadn't lost so much faith in this site ever regaining it's glory from before the big switch.  If they had just taken my recommendation that they merely put an expiration on the points in the previous program, they would have maintained their greatness.  They could have kept the auctions, over time making it fair to everyone.  

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Hey Russell

Glad to see you here & your suggestion will be blessing for many 

I no longer do much of anything with Rewards .... sure miss the 'Good ole days' had few issues but lots of great things... those were the days.... Take  care 

Ginger  ;  )


Hey! Thanks! Will try this at reset, I've had to resort to quizzes only today. I couldn't possibly do quizzes 'til the end of the month, so I will definitely try your method. Appreciate it! 

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