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Today's Email a Better Promo for the Program

(and the code is Sandy)


The two participants give reasoned opinions....can't really call them tips....and nothing silly like getting enough money for a mortgage payment is promised.   

I found I shared their preferences for the news quizzes and mini crossword.   

There was an emphasis on the earning activities, learning and exercise.

Those are indeed the strengths of the program.   

Perhaps people new to the program won't be disappointed this way as those of us who enjoyed the rewards given previously are.  

Good move AARP.

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Hey Hokie I agree 

Also fairly certain he's Lynn 

@Brightpool Lynn hopefully he's okay with my shout out.... Well done🤗 great job🤩 Lynn 

Hope all have a wonderful New Year and praying 2021 brings many great blessings 'The best is yet to come'

Ginger ;  )

PS: Any of you have use of topgolf? Huge program error took all my points 😞 & can't use & it seems I may get no help in correcting what happened 😟 I didn't even know what was

@andrewtoo @mi4090 

just pm me 

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Thanks, Ginger.

Yes, that was me.


I hope 2021 will be kind to you and yours, too.
And that also goes for all my friends at AARP, both the subscribers and employees.


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