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Newbie - points?

Newbie here. Am I missing something? What are the points for? I can’t find anything to use them for, other than entries into “sweepstakes” for gift cards. All the other gift cards I see are to be purchased with money? Am I missing something or is the whole points thing just a scam to get you to surf the website?

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@LauraD436723    Welcome!   Click on "All Rewards".   Then you can filter by  Rewards for Points Only or something like that.    I agree the ones for cash are not good deals at all.    There are usually a couple of points only items available that are gift cards to various places.   These get refreshed occasionally.   The most of the offers are "Extra Credit" that become available on the first day of the month.   They sell out.   Right now I don't see much for points there.   I usually redeem my limit of three points only deals as soon as I see something I want.    This month there was a $10 Amazon card, $20 or $25 Panera and Carrabras/Outback cards.    The Carrabras/Outback was still there the next day I believe but the Amazon and Panera went pretty quickly.    Be sure to check on October 1 in the morning.  Meanwhile keep looking as a great deal on P.F. Chang came up at the very end of August.   I was glad I hadn't yet redeemed in that case.  

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