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Gateway 504 Error Message

Has anyone trying to access the AARP Rewards web page getting the "Gateway 504 Error" message?  I started getting the error message @ 9 p.m. PST on 9/7/20.  On occasion, I will get the same error message when trying to access some of the AARP videos.  I'm not having any issues accessing other websites.  Very strange occurrence.  I am able to access the community page without issues.



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I’m getting the same, but it’s now a error 404.

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Sometimes when trying to view messages on the online community page, I'm getting the message:




Thank you @SeanK1 for letting me know that I'm not the only one getting these error messages.

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@JoLo49 @SeanK1 @AARPTeri 


I don't know if this will even post.  I am having several problems with the online community.  I can't even kudo a post.  But, when I move from one topic or forum to another I keep getting the error that you guys are getting, photo of message follows:


001 Request Too Large.jpg

I hope this gets cleared up soon.  It is making it impossible to use the online community.

Thanks so much,

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I have been getting the 504 error over and over since I last posted an hour ago.  Maybe the first page came up once or twice, but, got the 504 error post below (the "request too large" error image in my previous post an hour ago) on the very next page.  I have tried entering the online community in different ways and the result has been the same. 


Just now I was able to navigate to this topic again, but, I can't kudo.  Now I have a picture of the error I get when I am on a page where I try to kudo a post:

001 unable to complete.jpg


I hope this problem has been reported also.  I expect that I would be able to navigate back to see if this posted for a while, as I wrote, It took over an hour to get here.  Using chrome browser buy the way, on a laptop.

Thanks so much!

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@andrewtoo, @AARP Teri


The 504 error is an intermittent issue for me, especially in the evenings when I have the time to access the AARP site.  It has become more frequent in the past few days.  The "Request Entity Too Large" message started a few weeks ago on occasion, but has become more frequent.  These issues seem to be new issues that are more annoying than past issues of the site.  Hope tech support can fix ASAP.



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