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Hello Community,


I have ever heard of these grocery stores, and none in my state.


Have a Blessed Day,


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Many of the offerings are somewhat localized. Just as with any of the gift cards and other prizes offered in the sweepstakes, just put in for the ones you can use. All of the offerings are hit and miss for many of us. We just have to be selective.


I won't try for the Safeway card, even though my wife and I will stay just down the street about two blocks from a Safeway store on our vacation at Lake Tahoe this summer. I still don't want a Safeway card just because I'd have to be sure to pull it out on one of our trips to the store to stock up our rental unit for the week. I can almost guarantee that we will shop there for groceries at least once, but I can't guarantee that I'd remember the gift card during checkout.


In any case, enjoy!



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Yahoooo Lynn Yippee

Who needs a $5 card on vacation to Lake Tahoe 

Awesome hope y'all have a grand ole time Enjoy

Ginger  :  ) 

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Thanks, Ginger.


I agree. A $5 gift card on a trip to Lake Tahoe might just get in the way or be lost in the shuffle.



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The terms at the bottom of the offer state the Safeway card also is valid at the any Albertsons, Safeway, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions, Vons, Carrs, Acme, Shaw's, Star Markets and Jewel-Osco.   I hope you win and one of these stores are in your area.


@dw6574   Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, there aren't any of the ones mentioned anywhere near me.  In fact, I never even heard of Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions, Vons, Carrs, Acme, Shaw's, or Star Markets.

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