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AARP Rewards Has Locked Hundreds of Our Post with Recommendations for and Complaints about Program

Hello General Community,

I'm sure that everyone has noticed that hundreds of your post to the Community have been moved and locked.

All the views and kudos you received are gone from the New General Community, unless AARP Rewards feels that your post were revelant and then move them to the new General Community page.

This is very unfair to all members that spent their valuable time creating and replying to numerous subjects and getting views and kudos.  So let me ask, are the post from old General only revelant if Rewards says so?


What are your thoughts on your post being removed, deleted are archived, because it's not revelant as per AARP Rewards?


Have a Blessed Day


Community Manager
Community Manager

@mi4090  and all others reading this post.


I ask that you and everyone else please have patience with us as we set up the new AARP Rewards Category here in the community.  In our attempts to establish forums for the various areas of the AARP Rewards program we ran into problems.  Those problems we're having are what you're identifying as AARP trying to hide things and that's not true.  We also could have done a better job of letting you and all the others know this was happening.


Currently, we are missing navigation to view all discussions and to go from page to page.  This makes it appear as if you only have access to the conversations appearing on the first page.  We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.  Once this viewing issue is resolved, you will have access to the discussions being questioned.


The new AARP Rewards Community is being organized so everything isn't being pushed into one area.  This helps not only AARP, but other users like you who might be looking to engage in the various forum topics.


Please note that as conversations run their course and engagement declines in individual threads, we will be moving those individual threads that have become dormant into an archived folder that will be read-only.  This is standard practice within online communities and it also helps push the newest discussions to the top.  If you or any other users what’s to create a new discussion around the topic you can.


We appreciate your engagement in our community forums but want to make sure you understand that you don't earn AARP Reward points for posting questions, replying to posts, or for any Kudos given/received.




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Hello @sandy 

Thanks for responding, as long as I've been in the Community I do know that there no points awarded for kudos and views.  AARP Rewards uses these stats to come up with rankings via the Community. 

When members spend numerous years, months and days reading, replying and creating post to communicate with like members and your Profile stats change its very wrong and sad 😢 especially when it comes to the Rewards program.

Next, if it's not broke why mess with it and make it worst.  Rewards seem to be creating more problems by throwing out a so called enhancement or improvement that doesn't work or make sense. Could you make sure it works before releasing it.

My suggestion/recommendation is that AARP post a Poll and let paying members vote on these outrageous changes and the majority wins. Wait, that could be tampered with😢

  • How do you plan to fix the problem with the recreated post?


Have a Blessed Day



Community Concierge

@rednanamama @mi4090 Thank you for the responses and feedback. It’s being shared with the appropriate teams.

AARP Community Manager
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Will reposted subjects be combined with original locked post and views and kudos combined, and then original placed back in New General community?



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I have same problem.  I have e-mailed, used Twitter and many other resources to find answer to no avail.


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I really don't understand your explanation.  You guys are basically killing open topics by calling it archiving.  Topics in an archive are basically buried. Usually, when topics get old and neglected then they go to the back of the list.  Problem solved naturally.


Hundreds of our hours of creating posts are wasted in an archive.  Since we can't post to archive topics, and have reason to post to them, then we have to recreate the topic in one of the 4 subforums.


I don't understand the "navigation" problem.  None of the new subforums have 31 topics to warrant the start of a second page of topics.  Navigation works really well in the old forum, it is hard to find...and now the topics are locked.



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Hello @andrewtoo 

Andrew, if it wasn't for the link you posted on a thread I wouldn't have seen the over 200 locked post and created this post.  Thank you for finding this an pointing it out.  I was shocked because I have numerous revelant post that are locked, even my REWARDS EMAIL PROMO CODES which is updated weekly.  

I see it as an attempt to hide post Rewards doesn't like.  @sandy The new Community is much more time cconsuming and would be unfavorably to me if I was a new member.


Have a Blessed Day


Community Manager
Community Manager

@andrewtoo  the conversations that have happened in the original forum are coming back.  We're experiencing tech problems that are preventing that from happening.  Nothing is being buried. 



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@mi4090   I noticed some were locked but did not know it was widespread.   I can't even find the post you so kindly answered for me yesterday!   I did try clearing cache and using a different browser but somehow I've been totally locked out of the R4G system.    I even changed my password.  Fortunately the correct point total still shows at the top of my page, but unless I can come up with hours and find the number to call, I am out of the program.  

You are so nice to answer everyone's requests for help.  I hope you get your kudos back!

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Hello @HokiePoq 

We are now on the AARP Rewards program, R4G is gone.  Post are being moved, deleted and as @andrewtoo  stated hidden with valuable information that others can use.  This is so wrong.

Hope u get back in soon, download u a couple more browsers and try them.  Everyone is having serious issues, mine is the black information banner and Transaction History.

It would be great if there was a tech support department😴


Have a Blessed Day


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