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3D Mahjongg Dimensions Game

I am enjoying playing the 3D Mahjongg Game, however, being a newbie, I'm not earning a very high score.  I noticed some members are doing extremely well earning over 125,000 points, while I can barely get to 20,000 points.  Are there any tips or strategies that will help earn a higher score besides practicing and playing the game more?  Appreciate any tips and strategies.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome.

You might find some answers on the AARP Games Board.   This one is about AARP Rewards.

I've been playing the games for quite some time and my scores are in your range.  I cannot imagine how people can do them fast enough to get the massive scores.   I do know that when you get to more advanced screens on some of the games, you can earn more time.   I've never gotten to that point but once and never to get a really high score.  Not sure about 3D but my scores are really low compared to the high scores on other Mahjongg games.  Only game I could really compete in was Deja Vu Solitaire and it was one of those that was deleted.

Good luck!

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