insurance fraud

every year about this time-our life insurance agent would send us a letter that we owed an extra amount of money!!! we've paid out thousands of dollars- now we have lost the account!!!! what to do???

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g, I am so sorry you've had this experience.


Having worked for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for many years, what you described is exactly what each state's insurance commission is designed to prevent!


Please go here: NAIC list of state insurance departments (opens in new page)


All the contact information you should need will be provided. Please contact them as soon as possible; have the information you have available (as @GailL1 wrote, company name, etc.) ready to provide and they will be able to assist you in this issue.







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Surely you know something about it - name of company, where it came from (originated), got the policy?

My mom had a small (widow) life policy thru my Dad's union - it was only for $ 1000 but every year for 31 years, I had to follow that union on where to send the payment because they kept closing/combining offices (financial problems) and never sent any reminders - but I found them every year.  So she (actually me as her POA) paid $ 800 over the 31 years for a $ 1000 total payout.  LOL  Then I had to hunt them down again to get the payout.  But most every union has an office in DC and that's where I finally had to go.  

If you don't have the policy - you could be out of luck in collecting if they are this hard to find while you are living.

If you find them, cash it in, it is probably pretty old and buy one that is closer to home 

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