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Why was AARP not the first to offer prescription help like Good RX?

This would have been a tremendous help to its membership.


Why does AARP not  go after auto insurance companies who raise rates just because of age?

Mine just went up 30%. No accidents or tickets and safety course taken.


Before we want travel, and coupons,,really help seniors.

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They do have this if it works for you -  like with other med discount places, you do not even have to be a member to participate in it.

AARP Prescription Discounts

that’s the thing about discount coupons and drug discounts - it has to fit your needs.  You CANNOT use them WITH any prescription drug plan - so you have to check each individual med to how you can get the best price and where.  


Age has always been a part of auto insurance ratings - if a teenager you pay a high price (or the parent do).   I think at that age boys are rated higher than girls but that may have changed now - I do not know.   Then again when we are about 70 years old, another rate hike because of stats on older drivers.


Per the last BLS inflation numbers, auto insurance is still up about 15% in 2023 over previous years - reasons are because of the cost of repair an replacement.


Yes, auto insurance is about you - your age, where you live, your driving record, the cost of your car, but it is also about other cost like if an accident is your fault or there is UN/Under Insured drivers in the other vehicle.  People should make sure that whatever limits they have on their policy actually covers them properly because the cost of those new cars (especially EV’s) have upped these coverage amounts.    



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