WOW Computer not very wowing!

Back page of the September Bulletin was full page ad for WOW! computer.  Although not endorsed by AARP one would think that adding a BBB Accredited Business emblem to their ad, it would be checked out by AARP.  I went directly to BBB and WOW Computer, where it boldly states:


The advertiser listed as "first STREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc.", has other AKA'S, also boldly states "THIS BUSINESS IN NOT BBB ACCREDITED" :

Alternate Business Name

  • Wow Computers & Repair
  • Technobrand
  • Wow Computers
  • First Street

Upon Googling the product, Amazon has a eye opening bunch of 1 Star ratings and strong complaints about how terrible the product is and the price a scam on the elderly.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on this too because I don’t like for any business to scam our seniors and did find A+ Accreditation for this business as far back as 03/18/2015.

Since you wrote this a year ago, I was wondering if you actually went to the BBB website or if you called them to get the information that you got. Reason I’m wondering about this, because if you actually went to the BBB website, then I’m also wondering about the BBB if we can trust them.


I am so glad I decided to check this out better. My main concern was they don't tell you the price in the ad. That is usually a red flag for me. It is disappointing to see this huge ad promoting this WOW computer in an AARP magazine. I would hope credibility would come before money gained in accepting a full page ad by any company. Especially for a magazine that is SUPPOSED to help seniors.


The pricing is also suspect considering they are using a custom desktop environment on top of Google Chrome OS.  As such, you won't be able to use most popular software on this system.  Since Chrome OS is primarily Web based, it only has 2 GB of RAM installed on the machine.  My guess is, the extensive price is to cover the software developers working on updating the system as the desktop environment is proprietary.

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