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I own a house with my brother.  I thought I should create a trust for the house; however, now I am reading Medicare doesn't do anything with the house if it is under 500,000.00.  We don't have children so it should be a problem.  The house is in joint tenant so my concern is what if one of us has to go to nursing home what happens to the house.  I don't need a lot of legal advice but from what I am reading the revocable trust is no good.  It is confusing and I don't have a lot money to pay for legal fees.  The online stuff is more reasonable but how can I be sure I am getting right answer without paying a lot of money and even if you go to a lawyer how do you know it is right until you are in that situation 

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You may want to look into legal aid for legal guidance. To learn more about legal aid, go to The American Bar Association runs this website.


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