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Your articles have links to share via FB, Twitter, and Instagram -- why not by email?  There are frequent articles I'd like to share with my wife or daughter, but I'm not on those platforms (and don't want to be).

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@el5879 Thank you for reaching out! I have taken note of your feedback for our team to review. You can share an article via email by copying the url to paste into the body of your email. 

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If you want to maintain the formatting, you could print-screen shorter articles to an image and attach them to your email. There are many add-on tools that will provide you with fine control for composition and editing. I'm on Windows and I use one called "Snip & Sketch". I'm not recommending it because there are probably similar tools that are easier to use.


You could copy out the text (CTRL+C) and paste it into your email (CTRL+V), but you would most likely lose formatting, The results could be ugly and difficult to read. As @KellytheBelly said, sending URLs is one of the better ways to do it.


One question that comes to mind is, without apps like FaceBook and Twitter, how are you seeing these articles that you wish to share? Are you seeing links on web pages and finding that you can't follow them yourself? If you can't see the articles, I don't see how you can share them.

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Can you copy link/url/bookmark, and send via email?


@AARPJanelleM could you assist? 🙂


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