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Redeeming Rewards Points

Is there anything you can do so that everything we try to redeem our rewards points for isn't sold out? And please don't patronize us with that lame "Rewards are reset at 11:59 every night" excuse. No, they aren't. I'd like to redeem my rewards for either an Amazon card, a Kroger card or a CVS card, but I have never seen any of them available. NEVER!  They are ALWAYS "SOLD OUT". I have checked at various times of the day, nope. SOLD OUT.  And, after seeing many other dissatisfied members expressing the same issue in your forums, I've even tried the at 11:59 EST, starting at around 11:55 and constantly refreshing the page for 20 minutes. Nope, that didn't work either. SOLD OUT. You know why? Because they aren't reset at 11:59. They're still SOLD OUT.


Any chance you can fix this complete disaster? We're sick of it!





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