Problems with The Hartford

The following problems have arisen with the Hartford Insurance.

- I have inquired about home/condo insurance, most recently on 11/18/2020. Their response was that they do not offer property coverage in our area- Florida in my case- because it is a risky business.


- Most recently I have requested coverage for a new vehicle, a 2021 TESLA model Y. After numerous transfers  from one department to another I was told that Hartford does not provide coverage for Tesla vehicles because "it is a risky business" in Florida,

It appears to me that The Hartford picks and chooses whatever they want to insure. It was OK for them to increase the premium of my insurance for a 2018 Audi by approximately 20% at renewal time after the first year. My claim history is spotless and the few tickets that I have received received in my 45+ years of driving involved only parking violation.

I fully understand that insurance companies have the right to deny coverage at their wish; however I feel somewhat betrayed by AARP for sponsoring companies that do not fulfill their obligations. AARP should do a more in depth research and screening of the companies that they intend to sponsor to make sure that they satisfy the members needs.

Very disappointed with The Hartford and definitely will never use them again for my insurance needs.





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