Problems accessing some areas of the website

All day I have been unable to access interactive areas of the AARP site (games, quizzes, redemption of rewards). Those pages don't fully load up and are unusable. I am a frequent user and have never run into this before today. 

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@rm3006 Let me help! You may need to clear your cookies and update your browser to the latest version, or use a different device or Operating System. Check out our help article for troubleshooting steps here: 

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I just checked and was able to access games & quizzes. I use Safari on a tablet and sometimes have to clear history and cache then re-login. 

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I've been having issues with this site for months. All I'm told are the same no-fixing solutions. My cache doesn't need cleared. I'm using updated Chrome, blah blah blah. Bottom line is, these folks need to update and regulate and maintain their website. And that's it, pure and simple. 😛

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