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LUXE & LUMINOUS COLLECTION - HORRIBLE experience and service 12 weeks no box yet

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LUXE & LUMINOUS COLLECTION - HORRIBLE experience and service 12 weeks no box yet

They took my money on March 14th.  I am still waiting today for my box.  They have given excuses for late shipping twice.  Now they claim its shipped but the tracking is not moving.  The estimated delivery day is May 31st which means it will be 12 weeks since they took my money.   I called to day to get an update and got a list of excuses.  


- you can’t ship the boxes until all accounts settle 
- you can change the shipping addresses once the labels are printed 
- your truck broke down, creating a delay.  
The man on the phone while pleasant was very annoyed to speak with me and pushed me to cancel the subscription.  I canceled both L & L and R & R(relax and radiate) 
The Relax and Radiate box took my money on March 14th and I got the box 10 weeks later.  It was dollar-store junk I was not impressed.  I got a nightgown that was so thin it could be used to strain tea leaves. 
These boxes are $50 a quarter and they offer leftover previous quarter boxes for $25.  I paid out so far between the two services $250.  Its not worth it.   Considering AARPS's good reputation I am surprised they are involved with shady dealings of this company.  Their Facebook groups say it all lots of complaints and questions and if you ask too much they block you.  
I've subscribed to. many box or crate services.  Many come from Japan and Korea and are able to ship and get a box to you within 2 weeks.  What is Culturefly's problem?
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@al363 I'm sorry to hear about your experience with these subscription boxes. Let's get this escalated to our designated team for further assistance. You can expect to hear back within 5 business days. I'm always here to help if there's anything I can do!

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