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For about 3 weeks I have been  trying to access the daily reward deal but the message Daily rewards unavailable,.. we are working on it has been displayed consistently. I have tried also to redeem my extra credit reward and purchase ulta gift card but when I enter my email and password and press enter, it loops back to enter email and password.

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My personal thought is.......because of the Rakuten offer (cash rebate site) of saving up to $20 on membership, perhaps it was triggering rebate with all aarp purchases. The best way to solve that would be to disable all cash purchases except memberships.....I'm just basing this off the fact that 1) issue began when Rakuten offer was activated 2) I was able to renew my membership with no checkout issues 3) I'm able to checkout any offers that only require points with no issues. I have a feeling, once the Rakuten offer is over, like magic our regular checkouts will be restored. 

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Yesterday on chat they told me it would be up yesterday.   Called today and feel like I am being stonewalled.    AARP sent out an email allowing me to "win" a gift card.   So it has not problems taking my points for that but is not allowing me to "buy" some cards for xmas presents.   Could it be that they want us to spend down?   I am sorry - life is full of sites and companies that put nothing in to customer services - I site dedicated to the elderly should not have to deal with this.   Truth to tell, this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.   Just needed to vent... thanks for listening...


Could you provide an update? Month-end is in 2 days and many people are going to miss out on significant savings.

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