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It is truly impossible to delete your online account with AARP. (Note that deleting your online account is different from cancelling your membership or opting out of emails.).


Do not be fooled. I have been on the phone with them for a month and texting as well, as there is NO Customer Service email. I was first told by phone that my online account was deleted. When I tried logging in, the account was still there. So the second time I called, I was told I had to wait 72 hours after they deleted my online account before trying to log back in, because if I try to log back in before 72 hours my online account will automatically be reactivated.  So, I waited from March 9 until April 1 to log in. Sure enough, my account was still there. So I found their Customer Service text option today and tried asking them for help. One of them told me that I can NEVER try to log back in or it will REACTIVATE my online account!  Well, that means that my online account can never be deleted. I though that I had a legal right to have my account deleted. 
Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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I posted this in two other forums, in the hopes that more people would see it and become aware of this serious privacy issue and possibly someone could help with a solution, but AARP has informed me that they have deleted all but one of my posts, saying that they have “left one post for the moment.”  They told me they have now “escalated” my request. And AARP also said, “I assume once your online account is deleted you will also want the post removed, and your community account disabled.”  Actually, no, I would not want my post removed, because I want other people to be aware of this serious privacy breach in that when they ask AARP to delete their online account it is never really deleted. But, it is clear from AARP’s communication to me that THEY want my post deleted so that YOU will not be informed of how they are handling your online account information.

Is it customary for AARP to remove every post in this forum when an issue it addresses has been resolved?  Or do the usually leave the post and the solution so everyone can learn from it?  

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