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Hello everyone, i started up my own Cathy's Garden & Lawn Care while living in my car. At age 54 i was laid off of 10 years. I had no luck with a job so i created my own business this was june 2019. Business is slow due to the virus. But i have great recommendations. I live in Jacksonville Fl. Now a year later my car engine no longer works. I am now struggling to find a ride to the clients. I have no you or know someone who be willing to donate a car or truck.  This is embarrassing but i am afraid to be homeless again. I worked 7 12 hour days building this business last year. I made no friends and i dont have any family to help. If you are reading this and can help by paying it forward. I will indeed pay it forward more than i already do. I am terrified. 904-680-8324 Check out the work i do with my leadman. He was injured and his truck was stolen while at the E.R. truck has not been found. I have 2 jobs lined up and no way to get to them with all my tools. Please i have been praying. God bless you.

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