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Hello, and Welcome to the AARP Help, General Help Forum

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, and Welcome to the AARP Help, General Help Forum

Hello, and welcome to the AARP Help, General Help forum.  This is a dedicated space to ask questions and get help from our agents on Membership related inquiries. 


Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines and our AARP Terms of Service.  We also have a help link in the upper right of all forum pages that will offer assistance along the way.


Please remember that this forum is public.  Anyone can read the posts, but to reply to a post, you must be a registered user of the AARP website.  If you would like to engage and are not currently a registered user of our site, click the register link on the top right of this page. 


Good to Know:

  • All users can edit their posts after posting.
  • The Help forum includes three forums: Membership, Benefits & Discounts, and General Help. All forums are public, and all posts to these forums are public.
  • Subscriptions let you get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you're interested in.  You can subscribe to a forum (e.g., Membership, Benefits and Discounts, and General Help), an individual thread, or a specific post (option in the right rail of the page as you reply). To turn on a subscription, you’ll need to click on the “  “ (three dots or show options menu) that’s at the top of each forum category, thread, or post.  Selecting the “subscribe” option turns it on.
  • Turning off subscriptions is done the same way. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, but note that your “subscription” option now reads “unsubscribe.”  Clicking on the unsubscribe link will turn off your subscription.
  • Remember to show your appreciation for what your online neighbors and AARP staff agents are saying by “Accepting the Solution” to a response that answered your question.
  • How to Post a new Topic into the Community: Once you’re inside the Account Questions and Member Benefits communities, click the “Start a Topic” link. A new page will open up that says, “New Message.” In the Subject field, enter your message title. Tip: Make your subject clear and concise, as it's the only part of the message that shows up on the message-listing page. In the Body field, type your message. Be sure to include all necessary details, especially for technical topics. You can choose to add links, photos, or videos to your message using the editing tools. Add tags to your post that will help others identify what your post is about. Simply click on “add tags” and write keywords that associate with the content of your post. Before you click post, make sure you format and spell check your message as needed. Click on “Post.” And there you have it! Now others will be able to read the topic you have just posted and interact with you.
  • Please refrain from posting private information publicly. This includes credit card and social security numbers, membership account number, personal and email addresses, and phone numbers. If specific membership information is needed, please send a private message to one of our agents.  You can send a private message by clicking on the agent’s username and then click on “Send this User a Private Message” on the right-hand column.
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