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Generac Whole House Generators

GeneracScan.png This ad appeared in a recent AARP publication.  We did order a generator, and called to verify the extended warranty.  The person who answered expressed, in my opinion, a condescending "go to hell" attitude, and informed me that this didn't apply to our purchase, which occurred on 8/7/2020.  I finally decided to look at the "terms and conditions," to see what their excuse was for not honoring the offer.  


As it turns out, although extensively advertised to U.S. citizens, the offer is valid only in Australia.  I consider this an attempt to deceive, as very few purchasers would be expecting such an ad, posted in an American publication would have anything to do with offers available exclusively in Australia.  People rarely bother to look at "terms and conditions," as they are generally very lengthy and tedious reading.  


I believe the plan is to "hook" purchasers, who then place the order before discovering the unexpected loophole.  What a tacky business practice!


I could find no way to contact AARP marketing, so I hope this receives some notice.  I really think AARP should refuse to place Generac's ads in their publications, as long as they are this misleading.  After all, I don't believe AARP wants to be complicit in this kind of misleading endeavor.   

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Hi @AaronE181020, we take feedback and complaints about companies that advertise with us seriously. Please give us a call when you have a moment so we can properly escalate this issue: 888 687 2277. Thank you.

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