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Hello, please delete my account. I no longer want an Online account with AARP. Thank you. 

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@MarsK570615 I'm here to help, and I was able to process your request. To ensure the account remains inactive, please do not attempt to log-in in the future. 

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Hi @AARPJanelleM , I just logged back in to ask your help. I used another phone to check my PROFILE after logging out on 5/7/23.


As of about 8am EST 5/10/23 today (before I signed back in), the GREEN circle is still ON. Indicating I NEVER logged out.


The other person on this thread who also requested deletion of their ONLINE account on 5/3/23, they have a GREY circle. Which means they are logged out.


How can I get a GREY circle today when I log out once again AFTER hearing from you?


I am NOT comfortable with this as I have moved on (got busy in my real life).


Thank you SO MUCH and I will wait to hear from you hopefully today BEFORE logging off again.


Thanks 🙃

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@Spring2023 I processed your request yesterday and I did not respond to your comment because I didn't want you to receive another notification that would prompt you to log back in. I have updated your account again. To ensure the email remains inactive, please do not attempt to log-in to this old account in the future. I'm not sure why the dot is still showing as green, you may need to clear your browser's cache and cookies. However, the steps have been completed to process your request. 

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(1 comment) Hi @AARPJanelleM , before I log back out/lol, is there a Tech number I can call? Cache and so on always cleared. This "issue" started when AARP changed how we sign in. Thanks 🙃

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@Spring2023 Sure! That phone # is 1- 866-839-0463

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(1 comment) Hi @AARPJanelleM , please delete mine too and I am heading to log off for the last time. Lol, now it may still show that I am "still" logged in. It has been doing this since the last change AARP did to how members sign in. Take care and thank you for all you do for the members. You are one awesome person. Goodbye...🙃

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So you really want to delete your account?

Not sure what brought this up... but....



If this is really.... Goodbye...

then .... Goodbye...

& Good luck... in whatever you choose to do..


Take care ☮️  🌄 ~Allen 🌈  🎨

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