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Creditor put in change of address, now I get no mail or UPS packages for months


Creditor put in change of address, now I get no mail or UPS packages for months

I need a lawyer bad, I'm almost 74 and financially embarressed. 

Hello, I have an unusual situation. about 12 years ago, my partner sold some steel framing to a company in Atlanta

those guys chased that rebuilding effort after Katrina on Miss Coast, built a dentist office and home for a fella with a very large church in Pascagoula, MS. The home owner was his own contractor with no architect and used church folks to stucco, frame, paint etc. etc.  In any case, my little company was sued for a leaking house we had nothing to do with except selling steel framing to a contraction company in Atlanta

He sued Pella windows, a big stucco company and a dozen others in very frivolous case as he also sued us Steelform USA.   My partner and I hired a Harry Satterwhite to represent us

I gave Satterwhite $7,500, after listening to mediation, my partner and I called and fired him as it was a joke, almost like a drunken poker game


We had no insurance as we only sell framing products and never build anything. I assume, we cannot fire a lawyer without judges’ consent, so Satterwhite billed me another $8 grand.  We asked him to not answer another phone call or email if it cost us a single penny.

He billed me another $12,000, so now we are up to $20,000.

 About the same time,  I lost my 23-year-old son to accidental overdose after knee surgery and was pretty much worthless for a couple years.  My partner in SteelformUSA was Mel Mingle PE, he died about 8 years ago. Our CPA shut down Steelform USA.  I started back into very slow business as Value Engineered Products and Solutions, with Steelform.US as a DBA. Hoping to retain some customers with same email, etc.

A couple years ago, I was flooded with calls from lawyers to settle an old debt for $2000 down and $11,000 to Satterwhite, 

Sadly enough, my only daughter was in hospital in ICU for over 100 days with Covid Pneumonia, 2 ICU/s 1 Rehab Hospital but After 2 years her health is coming back, had to learn to walk, she graduated from Texas State and walked the stage in Dec but I have not been financially productive and living in ICUs every day.

Apparently Satterwhite got a judgment in Miss, which I knew nothing about. Then I got a certified letter to be in Zoom Court (189th, Houston) on Monday morning with Robert Berleth Atty;

I had no lawyer and no money, judge gave me 30 days to find one or as he said, throw some meat on the ground and see if they will take it.   My local atty Keith Taniguchi, said he would help

I dropped off the paperwork, but after 2 weeks he texted, he was too busy. I scrambled to find another but all I knew were Criminal Attys and most had retired. I did the Lawyers Referral and they said my property is homesteaded, I have no money setback, second zoom court Robert Berleth, said I had a nice shirt on and he is going to take it, then asked for receiver Derek Loetzerich to be named.    I am so ignorant of law; I had no idea what was going on as I was just out of back surgery and medicated during the final zoom call.  I still do not understand how or what has happened

 Derek Loetzerich was named receiver and PUT in a change of address with USPO and UPS packages, he had taken all my mail for several months now. Memorial photos of the Saratoga, the Stennis, Oriole and Orion, 4 ships My Neighbor, computer guy and veteran served on. they stole them

a dozen trees from Arbor Day Foundation are setting dead in his PO box in Houston. 3 crates of Amazon return items 

All my bills, causing late fees, I get none of my mail Now.   Simple Harassment and Intimidation  

I have been here 35 years; they don’t need to look for me.  A friend gave me Bill Peckham’s number.   He seems to be waiting on me to file bankruptcy and tells me to just let them have my mail.  the $20,000 is now $32,000 and they are being brutal

The only thing I have left to sell is 5 lots in Trinidad Co.  I have already listed with real estate person, I was hoping to get $25,000, but looking more like $20,000.   I have directed 2 friends to the real estate person to see if they will buy it and help me out.  My life is in shambles, as I have no funds.  However, I sold one job in Jan so that almost paid the bills for a month.  I have secured (I think) 3 fire training towers in Florida to supply the steel framing for floors which will bring in around $15,000 mid-summer


I have been worried sick to find some funds for this Derek, but feel I was railroaded by Hon. Scot Dollinger and the 189th Court, Harris County and Robert Berleth and Now Derek Loetzerich has been named a Receiver   $20,000 is now $33,000 from a company I had only 45% in and it’s been legally shut down for years 8 or 9 years.

I don’t know what a receiver is, but apparently, he owns my life now, over, not that much money

I had much rather keep working to get back on the horse.  Be more proactive in fighting this Derek guy

If someone took all your mail and all your UPS packages, without your knowledge, boy would you be upset.


I owe $7000 on my truck, $4000 on signature Dental Loan,

I’m told Derek can pull right in and get my truck, drives me crazy and I’m 73, not the best health

Not doing well financially but have some irons in the fires a few months out.  Just don’t see how filing bankruptcy helps anyone, I lose everything as far as credit and it will adversely affect my business if it gets out

It does not take much doubt on the large jobs to lose them from bad rumors. 


If you have any ideas, comments, concerns, lol   Sorry to be so wordy, but this is a complicated situation.  to date I have paid 5 lawyers to get this behind me and now the worst one is coming at me.     Idea????   All the best to you and yours.   Rick Godwin    [phone# removed for security]


This court should be investigated and terminated:

Hon. Scot Dollinger


Harris County 

Houston Texas


These lawyers use intimidation and harassment to collect

No Scruples Debt collector lawyer.

Robert W. Berleth

Texas Bar # 24091860

SDOT #: 3062288

9950 Cypresswood Drive

Suite 200  Houston, Texas 77070


Tele: 713-588-6900


Receiver Named by Court

The Law Office of Derek Loetzerich

P.O. Box 542069

Houston, Texas 77254


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@steelformusa  Thank you for reaching out, Rick. I'm terribly sorry to hear about what you're experiencing. Although AARP does not offer legal advice on individual problems or cases, we do provide information, resources and referrals. AARP was instrumental in starting legal hotlines for seniors, but we do not have any direct affiliation with them. Legal hotlines typically provides brief advice over the phone and callers are responsible for obtaining information about any costs involved. If you are a qualifying low-income individual, legal aid is also provided. 

To access legal hotlines, websites and/or legal aid, go to The American Bar Association runs this website.

LawHelp helps people of low and moderate incomes find free legal aid programs in their communities, answers to questions about their legal rights and forms to help them with their legal problems. To find help now, go to

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