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Avoid the ucards now they're too complex to understand and the reps can't answer anything

As of right now this ucard crap is just that. crap It's being advertised as making it easy but the reality is far from easy. It's so overly unnecessarily complex it's just a complete waste of time.

So you can fully understand this topic, you have to know what's happened to me all my life with the entire system as a whole.


First of all stop sending your info out about this in the form of what looks like JUNK MAIL. Everyone who owns a legitimate business in today's day and age, full well knows since there are a ton of scams loan companies that want to wrangle you into their rates and crap, and credit card offers, NOT TO SEND OUT THE ACTUAL BENEFITS BEING GIVEN OUT IN THE FORM OF JUNK MAIL OR ADVERTISING SCAM LETTERS AND ENVELOPE.


When I'm asked did i get a package explaining what was given my answer is I don't know, I might have, but if you set it up in the form off junk mail or open immediately then NO I thew it out because it's junk mail. The same with getting calls NO ONE FROM UNTIED HEALTH CARE WILL CALL YOU, so anyone claiming to be a representative is going to get hung up on and not paid attention to.


Asking me if I went to the website because everything is explained on there...NO because the entire health care system is a mess and to this day I cannot even answer the question of who my provider even is. I literally cannot answer a single question about anything I have about any of it. So why the hell would I ever go on the website to read even more crap I don't understand. On top of that the websites are impossible to navigate through. I had to have a rep on the phone literally tell me what to click on to navigate to a place on it that there is no possible way anyone would ever be able to find..And when I did arrive where I was directed to there was no log in so there was no possible way to determine what I even had for coverage or what was offered.


According to what I've been told I'm supposed to have prescription but I don't believe there even is such a thing in the USA because for the past 25 years every single time I've gotten a prescription always have to pay out of my pocket for it..So I will argue with anyone that there is no such thing as prescription coverage in the USA.


Don't even get me started with Dental.

That is just a small background of the problems and things people might ask if I did or tried that I wanted to cover before writing this.


So after everything I just explained above now along comes the ucard thing that is supposed to make things simple and easy, but instead makes an already complex system even 100 times more complex.


now onto the ucard crap



I talked to at least 8 different reps in the past week, and each individual rep had information and or knew something, the others didn't. The only reason I happen to know about this is because some weird off chance situation, my wife somehow got into talking toa  rep that explained there was some new cards they put out. The fact is, if she never managed to get into that conversation, we both would have thrown out the card itself and never knew.


Here is the situation I've been able to piece together so far and it took me about a week to get all this information which I believe is still a ways off from everything about this:

There are 5 different entities involved in this mess

Medicare, Medicaid, United healthcare, AARP, and The ucard reps.


There are also way too many cards involved (I actually don't even know how many because this is such a mess.

A white card, a blue card, your health card, your aarp card some food card.

I was told by different reps this information

Only one card is used because it does everything, you need 2 cards because each card does something the other doesn't do only 1 person I talked to even knew about the food card.


Supposedly the blue card is your new benefit card but yet the blue card is nothing but an added benefit to your current setup.


The reps said the blue card is what you use, while AARP says no it's not. But the blue card cannot be used for medical and co-pay because that's what the white one is for, but another rep said no the blue card is for medical but can't pay utilities, while another rep said no the blue one is for utilities but not prescriptions and use the white one for prescriptions Now no one knows what card they have to bring anywhere, what it's used for, or how.


Enough with the catalog as well. I haven't even seen the catalog and wasn't even aware of it until


No one seems to be able to explain when the cards get loaded or how much get loaded onto them. A paper I got said yearly, but one rep said no it's monthly, yet another rep said it's quarterly which is once every 3 months. The amounts that are supposed to be allotted based off a $250 average but have no starting or ending amount, so this amount is unknown to the person.

YOU DO NOT NEED 16 cards with 80 people from 6 agencies involved in this especially when every person can't even answer basic questions.




Until this is straightened out I suggest EVERYONE just avoid this like the plague

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Hi @MattC334230 Someone said UHC's new UCards had defective barcodes printed on my knowledge, if you call UHC and ask for a new card that should resolve the issue.


take advantage of a credit loaded to your UnitedHealthcare UCard  every month for covered groceries, OTC products and utility bills. Use the card in-store or online to buy healthy food, pain relievers, cold remedies and more


I input the Ucard number for Walmart online so its not the bar code in my case. The card worked using $10 in rewards I had which showed as having been used afterwards on UHC so its the correct card. Walmart can't see any available credit for OTC.

UHC customer service through emails has used every excuse in the book. I don't bother calling them because the reps don't actually understand English.

They had a decent system working through HealthyBenefits a couple of years ago that was however once people actually received a card or card number. Frankly based on their track record I had a pretty good hunch this was going to be a flop.

Then I decided how stupid all this was when I could still order online, from home, wouldn't need to get out in the cold weather, and it would be delivered to my door a few days later.

So, I did that. Sat down, went to the UHC website, navigated to the OTC ordering section. Found what I wanted. Ordered the two items. I was done.

No hassles.


Hope this helps a little bit

Take care  ~Allen

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