AARP website: unable to update my phone number or password

I am having problems with AARP's web site.


I got a new phone number recently. I am unable to change the old phone number to the new one on my AARP account. I've called customer service twice now, and they can't change my phone number either.


Because I can't change my phone number, also I can't change my password, because I can't receive the SMS confirmation code. It won't even send me an email with a code, to allow me to authenticate myself and change my password via that route. There needs to be more than one pathway for a person to authenticate or they get locked out.


This is actually making my account LESS secure! Good security practices recommend changing passwords on a regular basis. The AARP web site has disabled my ability to do so.


Has anyone else had this issue? There are reasonable ways to improve this process.



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Community Concierge

@LMurphy15 Let's get this fixed! Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to 
  2. After logging in, go to My Account
  3. Click on the Communications Preferences tab 
  4. Look for an EDIT button next to the Your Verified Phone Number field

If you have the EDIT button, please update your phone # here. If you do not have the EDIT button, please send me a private message here on the Community site so I can get additional information to have this escalated for you. Learn more about sending a private message here: How to Send a Private Message

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I have only ever gotten a VIEW button next to my phone # - If there were an EDIT button, I would have used it.


Customer service eventually got my phone number changed for me. I should be able to use the new number now.


I would definitely prefer having the capacity to change my own phone number, because I may need to do so again in the future.


Also, suggested update website: add an option to confirm identity using email address.



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