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AARP Solicitations in my Mail

How do I stop getting AARP mail (UPS) solicitations?  I am already a member and I selected my settings to get everything through email.  These thick envelopes with glossy print are a waste of money and my time spent shredding everything with my name on it.  BTW - my wife and I both received the same insurance solicitation today.
I would like to see AARP spend their (our) money on better programs than asking me to join AARP after I am already a member.  And if I want life insurance I'll check online to see what's available.


I don't think they're mentally able to stop.  All they seem to know how to do is waste money on postage

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There were sending me solicitations for supplemental insurance which I'm not even eligible for for another 6 years, I had called the # about a year ago & the mail eventually stopped, but I just recently received something.  


It's a waste of their money sending me & a waste of my time shredding mail... Marketing department's are very golden to companies, many don't do their homework to target a proper audience either.    

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Since January 4, 2022 AARP has sent me more than 24 solicitations in the mail. I've replied to one or two. The rest have been marked with the date of their arrival and stacked so I can make a final count on New Year's Day, 2023. That's when they're going through the shredder.


I'd send them back to AARP.   I say everybody do that.  This junk mail is horrible 

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It is clear that AARP's purpose is no longer to represent their supposed constituency but to raise money, any way they can, to enrich their voluminous coffers.

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