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AARP Real Estate Benefits from Realogy Program.

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AARP Real Estate Benefits from Realogy Program.

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  Dear AARP organization, I recently enrolled in the American Association of Retired Persons  Real Estate Benefits from Realogy program. I was very happy to find this program.
   I was assigned to the program and had spoken with (text) (October 11th)  Marcel who had requested that I communicate with him/her by text, which I agreed to do. Marcel text that I would be working with Beth Williamson with Better Homes and Garden Real estate. This was October 12th of this year. He had asked if Mrs. Williamson had contacted on the 12th, at that time she had not. He indicated that I could contact her. I did speak with her and she had requested that I research the information about my husband's VA Housing Loan amount. Time passed and we did get the amount. Near the end of the month of October, Marcel reached out and asked if we were okay with Mrs. Williamson, at that time I thought we were okay and would soon speak with her. However, during the next month of December, Marcel reached out and stated that he had received information from Mrs. Williamson that we would not be able to get a house now because of poor credit and would be placing our search on hold until Spring. I texted that we needed to be in a home by March. I was upset because I had not spoken to Mrs. Williamson and I wasn't sure where she had gotten this information. I called the number 1 800 608 6829 and spoke with a representative. I explained what had happened. At the time I was supposedly working with Mrs. Williamson, my credit was frozen and I was only successful with opening it a few days ago. I explained that I would not be in the program because of the misinformation. I don't know if Mrs. Williamson was confused with her clients, did not want to be bothered or there were other reasons.  Please consider treating the elderly better than what I experienced. I thought AARP was concerned about the treatment of the elderly.
  The representative that I spoke with at the above telephone number asked if it was okay if Marcel could call me later during this week and I stated it was okay. However, Marcel contacted me on Wednesday (December 14th) by text. He has scheduled to close my file, he asked if I needed a new real estate agent or continue to with Mrs. Williamson and I stated no thank you. 
Thank you,
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Thank you for bringing your concerns to AARP!  I will send you a private message to gain additional information.

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1 comment (12/24/22) Tears are in my eyes as I "read" your thread. I wish I could "fix" this for you! These days it seems us oldies are on our own with Affordable Housing. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE @EmmaH408637 . NO vet or their family shoud be "homeless"... Lots and lots of luv and hugs coming your way, Nicole 🤎🤗

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Hello, thank you for expressing your concern. Thank you,

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