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Welcome to Games Talk

Hello, and welcome to the new AARP Games Talk forum.  This is a dedicated space to chat about and bond over your favorite games!  Like to solve crossword puzzles and/or Sudoku? Connect with others who enjoy the same. Trying to top your personal best score? Talk to others who continue to break new records. And, if you want to share your experience with new games as they roll out, this is the place.


Games Talk is subject to the Community User Guidelines and our Terms of Service.  If not familiar with them, we encourage you to review them before participating in the forum. As a public forum, anyone can read the posts, but to reply to a post requires registration on the website.  If you would like to register now, please click here.


As always, if you need help accessing AARP Games, please visit the AARP Games Help Center.                    

Thanks for participating in Games Talk and enhancing the AARP Games experience. Have fun!

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