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Ad issues

Is there a way to limit the number of times I have to watch an ad?  As a member of AARP, I really don’t think I should have to watch a video ad at all.  Watching an ad once should be enough, but anlmost every time I start a new MahJong Solitaire game, I have to watch an ad.  And I may play three or four times in a row so that can be three or four times I have to wait for the ad to finish.  I am ready to scream about the “Missing the Beats” hearing aid ad.  And when the “Skip Ad” option comes up, I have to tap it multiple times to skip the ad.  I would really appreciate getting some advice about this.

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Community Manager

Hi @apritch thank you for posting your concern. Please do continue to utilize the Skip Ad function as needed. Are you needing to select Skip Ad multiple times on mobile or desktop? Please reply with this information and the OS and browser you are using, and we can look into the issue. Thank you!

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I get this all the time.  And sometimes the ad just sits there.  I have to click on the little thing in the bottom right corner to get the game up.  Then it either plays the ad or goes into the game.  Sometimes I have to click on it several times.  Paying members should not be subject to this barrage of ads.  


I feel the same way about the over abundance of ads and the annoyance of having to watch the SAME ad over and over again and again.  I can see why some people have left AARP games and have gone to Arkadium's website to pay games.  Yes they charge like 9 dollars to be a prime member, but the games are then ad free.  Since AARP has paying members one would think that the organization could at least cut back on all of the ads.  Also it would be nice if they would actually listen to the complaints of their members and try to fix things such as the ad that are constantly freezing up - or the problem with the site bar near the top of the screen that causes games to abruptly drop down below the bottom of the screen.  When one is playing a timed game, it is aggravating to have to waste several precious seconds to               retrieve one's game.  I know that I am not the only one who has complained about that problem and yet it seems that no one is interested in fixing it so that their members can truly      enjoy playing their games. 

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@apritch, @AnnaY207851, and @jserramcorder,


You can end your ad issues immediately by installing AdBlock Plus onto whatever browser you use for playing AARP'S games.


It is free.


It is easy to install. I am very technically challenged and I did problem.


The original reason I installed AdBlock Plus was because, not only was I getting the legitimate ads the three of you are complaining about, but I was also getting strange ads that I think were being HACKED onto AARP'S GAMING PLATFORM at the time. Ads from PETA showing DEAD ANIMALS and narrated supposedly by Paul McCartney, ads for TATA MOTORS in INDIA, and even independent ads by amateurs. This was several years ago.


So, add AdBlock Plus.....I did and I get NO ADS now on AARP'S GAMING PLATFORM.

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