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8 Ball Pool

Anybody that plays 8 Ball Pool should totally disregard the players like oldgeezer and others that constantly get over 38500 points. Anybody that has played this game for any amount of time should know that there are not enough balls on the table. I have seen the point system on the game and it doesn't give you the points that it says it does. However there are some that have figured out how to cheat. I have seen 70000 scores so nobody can tell me that they don't.

Sure glad they are not winning money.

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@ACB3  .  . . . . ..   you're right about the score.  You have to run the table and get the extra 5000 points to even come close to the 38500.   I rarely ever let the other player play.  If I don't run the table I hit the quit button and start again.  I am consistent on how I brake the balls every time and on occasion, the computer decides where the cue ball goes and what balls go in. 


I limit myself to 5 tries and then go play something else.   lol


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I play 8 Ball but seldom check the scores.  For me - I just want to win and I usually do, altho one time my opponent actually ran the table on me!   My opponent is generally great on the long shots, but does not seem to know how to play position.  That gives me a good edge.

I think my all time high was 36000.

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