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What is one thing you wish someone had told you about getting older?

No matter your age, what is one thing you wish someone had told you about getting older? Hit reply and share!


I'm reminded of this quote:

"How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?"

-Satchel Paige


I wish someone had told me much earlier that even though you look like an adult on the outside, you are still a kid on the inside. That not really knowing what you are doing feeling never leaves. We have dreams and plans, and we do our best to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams! It's just, there's no neat little path to follow to get there. Life's messy and complicated and weird, and that's what's so great about it!


What about you? Share that one thing you wish someone had told you about getting older!

Super Contributor

I wish I had known how aging brings so many great new emotions along with the new "ailments." I find that I am happier, and calmer than I was when I was trying to start my career and find a spouse. And life is so much easier than when we were parents of children living at home. 


People who use my piano books for older adults (called Upper Hands Piano) often say that they wished they had known that they could start piano lessons (or other hobbies) in their 50s after their kids left for college. But even the ones who start music lessons in their 60s - 80s do very well, so if there is something you have always wanted to do, or revisit, do it now! It's never too late. 

Social Butterfly

Thank you so much for reminding people that it's never to late to try something new, and to revisit your childhood dreams.  Never lose your childhood wonder and playfulness.  Christine


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