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Seniors Helping Animal Rescues Everywhere SHARE

Seniors: To those of you who already VOLUNTEER with Animal Rescues, THANK YOU! For those who have yet to experience what a joyful and rewarding experience it is. I invite you to be part of a Facebook pages entitled SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE and Animal Rescue VOLUNTEER Nation. I have posted BLOGS there about VOLUNTEERING with animal rescue already. Your input comments are greatly appreciated. Post and share your photos, experiences, and joys of animal rescue. Please feel free to message me any questions. Every community has local animal rescues and shelters in need of VOLUNTEERS. One national rescue allows you to visit and stay there, this is  BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY in Kanab, Utah. We resided in the area for a while as we are VOLUNTEERS with them and have been for years. Facebook and Amazon allow you to be able to donate to them online and while making purchases. Thank all of you for all you do helping animals in need. Senior animals are another area senior citizens can specialize in. 


Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah is the BEST place to take a vacation and volunteer. The work they do is so important--the rescue of last resort for so many animals. Meeting the animals and people there is pure love in action, and it is an honor to participate. The property is a stone's throw from Bryce and Zion National Parks, in addition to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and Lake Meade. Go there and spend some time. It will change your life in all the right ways, and you'll want to return. 

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 Here is one of my BLOGS on VOLUNTEERING with Animal Rescues.

 VOLUNTEERING with Animal Rescue 2014 


Again anyone with questions please feel free to contact me and you can visit my Facebook page Dennis Lubrano and message me anytime.

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This is great news. Just be patient and keep doing what you are doing, do not give up. Here is a link to explain Animal REIKI I had mentioned,  Animal Reiki Source

REIKI helps to calm animals and is a meditation with them. Just keep being calm and repetitious with your actions to bring this feline around to becoming a lap cat. Take care.

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I live with my Son and his wife and 3 Grandkids - one in 3rd grade, 1 in first grade and one starting pre-school. We are are a Famly Foster Home for the Humane Society. We have many cats in different stages, bring them for shots or other care and then my Daughter-ij-law brings them to  Pet Smart for adoption. So far 7 have been adopted so far.


I love seeing the children care, getting them ready to live in other homes. They hug the cats hearing thier first purr, The cats hear dogs bark, kids play and the TV blaring.


As a Grand-parent this pleases me to see this sense of compassio. Now I am proud to say - I see it spread now to the human race.. Life is good. 

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Dennis, what a nice post. I have senior friends who help with rescue groups and I am a foster mom in a group that saved over 800 cats and kittens last year. I have one that is what our group calls, "failed foster" because the kitten decided he was going to stay with me. The rest of the litter was adopted, but when anyone tried to bond with him, he turned his back on them. He could not wait to get back into my home and join my two males that have treated him like he is theirs.
I currently have one that hid out for weeks. I have a safe place for her in my utility room. We had a break-through this week. She had been coming to listen to me talk to her. A few days ago, she came and sniffed my hand. She has moved closer and closer. I am so proud of her. I think she can be someone's lap kitty before too long. The rewards of doing this are wonderful. I only have one adult son and it seems I am most content when I am Mom, so the cats are my focus to help both of us.
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Thank you for all you do.  Your "failed foster" is the best kind! Have you tried reading aloud or singing to this feline? Also perhaps chanting. I am an Animal REIKI Master and find chanting helps calm animals and give them more confidence in you.

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@Dennis..................another break thru for Bailey cat. She moved close to me yesterday and wanted me to pet her. We did the eye blink a few times. She again came to be petted this morning. This is so good because she was wild when she first came. I got her from someone and she was in a carrier. When I opened the carrier she disappeared in my utility room and I could not see her for days. She tore down a blind and curtin. I put a fort of sorts over the bottom of the window just in case she learned to throw rocks or furniture. She finally ate after a few days. This was months ago, but I let her make the decisions. She finally decided I am the nice lady that feeds her good food and talks to her in a kind voice. I think she may be a lap cat one of these days. I know she is getting lonesome for companionship. I work, so I am gone during the day. I hope she will come join the rest of my pets this weekend. She knows I love her and I think
she is enjoying her new fur mom.

I will have to look up REIKI Master. I am not familiar with that.
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