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Last Time You Splurged On Something?

After 15 months of dyeing my own hair, and having my hubby trim it, I went to a salon a few days ago and got it professionally cut and highlighted. Almost felt decadent, but so worth it.   My husband is okay with me continuing to cut his hair at home.  

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We had a beautiful fieldstone wall built in the front of our home and a patio with firepit installed (took the pool down-no more maintenance!) in the backyard. Still paying for the wall but so worth it!

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Bought  6 speed Mustang 2 weeks ago which I shouldn’t have but you only live once. 

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@Raynyky  Guys and their cars, so interesting.  I always just want a vehicle that is reliable, decent gas mileage and isn't butt ugly. Maybe I set my bar to low! Enjoy you new wheels.

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Nice! You make me miss my camaro's  and my firebird with T-tops days. Never got up to my corvette-marriage got in the way lol.

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@postman29 Sorry, but I'm certain your wife is glad you choose her!  My hubby got a corvette many, many years ago, and instantly regretted it, sold it six months later.   

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No, that was my first wife and if it weren't for the two great kids I got out of that marriage I would really be missing that corvette lol (although I do admit they aren't made for tall people) .With my current wife it's been mid-sized SUVs all the way, especially now when we take the grandkids out for adventures. The four wheel drive really helps too.

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@postman29  Whoops!   Still, First wife + corvette = a little fun?                     Two great kids + A great second marriage + grandkids + great grandkids  = priceless

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