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Folks Who Have Inspired You!

  • This discussion created on June 11, 2021.
  • Have you been inspired by someone to make changes in your life?
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@Anonymous  My husband inspires we every day.  He's really well discipled when it comes to healthful eating and regular workouts. Always keeps things in perspective. Stays cool, calm and collected.  Gives great advice. Stays well-organized, can do just about any repair around the house.( recently outdoor lighting too ) I think he may be a genuine "computer whisperer," ( I'm certainly not! )  He has now embraced a more minimal lifestyle, when it comes to how much stuff we have in the house.  Hooray! Oh, yes very important, will kills spiders if they are in the house. A wonderful man.

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The love of my wife, son, daughter, and grandkids have inspired me to try to keep in better shape so I can enjoy a long retirement with them. 

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@Anonymous wrote:

Have you been inspired by someone to make changes in your life?

Within the last 70 years there have been many inspirational people which includes family members and public figures. But, my personal Hero, is Saint Mother Teresa. 
Having nothing to do with religion, but as a person who by her actions, has shown us compassion, humility, and how to be a giving person. I have always considered myself a fairly good person, but when I compare myself with Her, I’m about 2 miles back, in her dust! And that’s okay. 
She was an Angel on Earth, who led by her example. 

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Another inspiration has been Pete Buttigieg.


Harvard grad, Rhodes scholar at Oxford, Intelligence officer in the military, Mayor, and youngest Secretary of Transportation................. and the bravery to come out as openly gay.


His success, in some small way, shows our society is finally making small strides in acceptance of everyone.

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President Joseph R. Biden


For him to have experienced the deaths of family as he has and still show the compassion that he does tells me, everyday, to appreciate those that love me and surround me. He also provides an example of how one should treat others.



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She lives across the parking lot from me and has recently bought a huge second-hand bike. Lol, everyone knows when she is leaving and returning - loud music and the roar of her bike. 🤣😂 She inspired me to relocate to Florida to pursue my life long dream of living in a Tiny Home 😁 Hey, if an old lady like myself just bought a bike 😱 why can't I relocate? No reason at all!! So thank you Beth 👍

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