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How Many Good Friends Are Enough?

 I have four good friends.  Those are the "I can tell them anything" friends.  They're the "I can call them for help and they can call me for help" friends. They're the "I can call just to talk" friends.


How many do you think and why?

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Wow!  I think you are blessed!  Rarely does a person have four friends that they can feel safe in telling them anything.  Many of us have friends who would probably help us out.  And few of us have friends we can call just to talk - most people want to know why we are calling.  Count your blessings because you have four great ones in my opinion! 

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Really feel totally blessed,

these friends are the absolute best.

Now one is my spouse,

he lives in our house.

With him I will fully invest.


In all seriousness,  I am so grateful to have all four in my life.  


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Through all of the strife,

That comes into my life,

I know I always can go to,

the friend that is so true,

and that friend is also my wife.


While I have 7 good friends that I can think of, both male and female, my best friend will always be my wife. However, I am also thankful for the friends that I have who have kept in touch with me throughout my life and after retirement. We care about each other and that's so important nowadays, especially when families are so fractured now that you can't even count on them.


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Steve the @postman29 


I can totally see why,

you're a generous kind guy.

With a loving wife,

makes a loving life.

Are six other friends nearby?


Very rare and huge gift to have that many good friends.  I really believe the #1 factor for quality of life, is the quality of friends.  With all of your caregiving demands ( past and present ), that is especially true.




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