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How Do You Make The World Better?

When you think about everything that seems to be going wrong with the world, it's overwhelming, depressing and can make you feel helpless or stuck.  But I believe we can.  Let's spread kindness and compassion on a global scale.


Over the years I've done lots of volunteer work within my children's school, through our church and in the community. Even writing limericks in this on-line community gives some a little entertainment, ( and if I'm doing it right ) a chuckle. The experience that has been the most impactful for me is my volunteer work at a women's foundation.


How have you make the world a better place?  Apathy is our enemy, reach out! Share your stories, inspire people.

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We can all make a difference if we start with ourselves. Spreading kindness and magic in the world is a goal I have. I've volunteered at my children's schools and at church as well. I teach my children to be kind to others by demonstrating it. I wave to neighbors while I'm driving down the road, I ask cashiers how they're doing and say their name when I leave their register (they have name tags so you'll know who they are), I help others in need, and treat strangers like a friend.

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@santaboba  The world does need more kindness and magic, thank you for spreading a positive, welcoming vibe!  You are awesome!

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Thank you for the kind words, @Rhymesometimes! I'm glad I found this thread to join. I think it's great to share what we do to make the world a better place and I enjoy reading about what others are doing in their communities. 

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@santaboba Thank you so much!  I really appreciate you saying that.  You definitely understand why I wanted to start this. There is so much in life that is out of our hands.  But, it's comforting and inspiring to know there's a lot of good tangible things going on in the world, and kind, caring people with integrity who are making a difference.  🎉Let's celebrate that! 🎉

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@Rhymesometimes By being as compassionate a person that I can be. It's not easy to do these days, especially with all of the selfishness in the world. I also believe in saying thank you to people, whether it's for something nice that they did for me or even for working during the pandemic. I still hold doors for people though that seems to be a lost art too. My parents had a huge impression on me and I am so thankful that they did. Life's not easy but we can make it better by just doing the little things that matter. 

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Steve the gentleman @postman29  Thank for doing all those "little" things, they mean a lot.


I enjoy helping feral cats!

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@sharynb688876  Thank you for helping find loving safe homes for vulnerable cats. Making the world better, one feline furry friend at a time. 🐈 Takes a special person to be able to do that kind of work.

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