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300,000 Are You Average?

300,000   Number of items in an average American home.


My husband and I spend a year clearing out stuff after we got married,  sold our individual homes and bought one together. Been great to give a "home" to everything instead of throwing it into a spare room or over stuffing closets and drawers. 


Are you average? On a road to declutter? Embracing minimalism? 






I don't like clutter. I routinely toss/donate stuff. It makes me feel freer!

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@sharynb688876  It really does.  Welcome to the on-line community!

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@Rhymesometimes My wife and I are looking for a new home and top on our list is getting rid of stuff before we move. We've accumulated a lot in 30 years and it's time to simplify our home life. It's amazing how fast things can accumulate, including stuff from our kids that they store here because we have a house. It's not going to happen in our new house! Bring on the dumpster!

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@postman29  Through this past year, my hubby and I got rid of so much, we regret none of it.  Totally worth it.  Hard to do, but it's time to give your kids a deadline on picking up their stuff.  Super common situation.  Decluttering is a great gift to pass on to your children.

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Lol @postman29 luv your <bring on the dumpster> 🤣😂

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Lol @Rhymesometimes I have been living a cute <Studio Apartment> for 2+ years = no place for clutter. Just me!!! 😂🤣

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Was thinking of you today @Anonymous  as I stopped at the Dollar Store, right around the corner from where I work out now.  Could be dangerous, treacherous even, but I controlled myself and only bought three things to finish making a bookmark for hubby. Talked to the store manager, and they said they are having a tough time keeping employees.  That would be a perfect little part-time job for you.  Just think, you would have a jump on all the new merchandise! I would have fun organizing the shelves.

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Lol @Rhymesometimes my <paycheck> would be going back to Dollar Tree!! 😂🤣 I now stay out of them and only go <every other week>. Use to be way too often!! They cannot keep help due to safety issues and working conditions. Hard-working folks in my local store, with no appreciation from Corporate Headquarters 😭 Sad 

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When I go into the store closest to me, it's very messy.  If people would just put things back where they belong, the employees could focus on restocking.  Drives me crazy! 

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