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Have you used telemedicine services for your pet?

I'm curious if you've used vet telemedicine services since the FDA announced it was helping to facilitate more telehealth veterinary options. I recently had to take my dog to the vet because she became very sick. I had to wait curbside and a tech came to get her. Then, I stayed in the car while the vet called as she performed her diagnosis. We determined a treatment plan via the phone, and thankfully, Riley is on the mend. If I could've used telehealth services, I definitely would have.


There is an excellent new service for pet telehealth at, offered by the Independent Veterinary Network.   Cost is $39.95 for a video connection with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, $24.95 for a text session.  Monthly plans are $9.95 on an annual basis.  One word of caution, some states will not allow a DVM to diagnose or prescribe medications without touching the animal...but even then, a Doctor can answer most questions, give advice and make suggestions.   A great time saver at a much lower cost and no hassle with taking a pet to a vet when the trip is not needed.   BTW, if a visit is indicated, the vet will quickly make that recommendation.

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