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Elderly Mother needs advice

Any advice for an elderly Mother who has started living  with her daughter and teen grandson?   My expectations need adjusting.  I expected to share meals, watch TV together, have conversations but instead each goes to their room  with little interaction.

Is this just the way families cohabitate now or is there something I can do. 




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A simple answer would be "yes, that's the way many modern families seem to be today."


But your post didn't give us much to go by, as far as you living with them. Did you move in because you can't live on your own anymore, or was this just an optional decision perhaps made in too much haste? I would strongly suggest that before anyone makes a permanent move to live with adult children, a couple of sta-cations at their home over the course of a year or two, would give everyone a better idea of what it will be like .. and if their expectations pan out. Communications about those expectations are critical. I've heard of widows moving in with adult children, expecting to have good company & an opportunity to bond with grandchildren, but wound up feeling like live-in housekeepers, with snarky grandchildren as soon as the honeymoon was over.

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