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Belly Laughs


Belly Laugh Benefits:


Strengthens relationships

Attracts others to us

Enhances teamwork

Help defuse conflict

Promotes group bonding

Adds joy and zest to life

Eases anxiety and tension

Improves mood

Strengthens resilience

Improves the immune system

Is an aphrodisiac

Can make you look younger

Stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation

Decreases the body's stress response

Eases pain by increasing endorphins in the brain

Enhances oxygen intake to stimulate the heart, lungs muscles

Can lower blood pressure

Provides cardio benefits and tightens abs

Improves your sense of well-being, and gives you a more positive outlook

Burns calories

And may even help you to live longer


 Soooo,  what did one melon say to the other? Honeydew, we canaloupe.  Anyone else with a joke, riddle, pun or funny story? I could sure use a good belly laugh.😂😋🤗



Social Butterfly

And...keeps the doctors away..A keeper for sure!

Social Butterfly

@jonibee ,  Thank you for your kind words!

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