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Baby Steps

What's one small change you could make in your life, that could grow into other positive changes? 


For me, it's getting enough water daily. That will help me have more energy, stamina and motivation to make other needed adjustments.


Share your "baby step."

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Get more sleep! I tend to be a night Owl more than I should. Ever since Carson I love the late-night talk shows. I need that comedy fix to relieve the stresses of the day. However, when I get too tired to stay up, I always have DVR! 💤💤

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Steve the @postman29 ,  It can be hard to break that late night habit.  I try and turn off technology ( i.e. tv and computer ) one hour before bed time, and then switch to a book and/or sudoku.  My sleep is better that way.


Organize. Once everything is where it should, I can divert my attention to others things, thus, getting other things done, or others things accomplished. I have OCD, so this thing called, 'organization,' is easier said than done. 🙂

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@Jason2020 I first started with decluttering, then the organizing was so much easier.

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