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At The Risk Of Sounding Cheesy. . .

 Beyond the obvious love for my family and friends, I try to show kindness toward others, and really enjoy helping, supporting, nurturing and encouraging people.  From a smile, to bring someone a home-cooked dinner or sharing humor about some of the craziness in the world.


Is there something you are passionate about?


You aren't being cheesy, you are doing what I believe we need in our world now. There is so much bitterness and unkindness now that I also share kind words and actions. 

Social Butterfly

@st18688804 Thank you.  I say, spread the positive vibes far and near!

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That's not cheesy at all. You truly have a compassionate heart. My wife and I have been passionate about taking care of our parents when they have needed us the most. during their most senior years when their bodies and minds started to betray them. What better way is there to honor them for all that they sacrificed and gave to you. We also believe in helping our elderly neighbors and honoring military vets. Sometimes it's not easy but no one ever said it should be. We just hope that we are setting the right example for our kids and grandkids. 

Social Butterfly

Steve @postman29 Thank you for your kind words.  Beautifully expressed!  We should be positive role models for our children and grandchildren.  You and your wife are exemplary role models with the loving way you have cared for your family, and also your neighbor.

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