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3M Ear Plug Lawsuit

I am not defending 3M in any way as IF they intentionally provided a defective product they should be accountable but to sue them .... I am a Veteran and do have VA compensated hearing loss and am curious as to those that are part of the lawsuit are they suing 3M because of not being rated from VA for their hearing loss? I was issued those ear plugs and the triple flange generation before those during my 20 years of service as were countless number of Veterans. I don't believe I could contribute my hearing loss to the defectiveness of either of those products but to the nature of the profession which is why we have the VA compensation system. To prove that you wore defective ear plugs every day of your service while around loud noises that in itself being the root cause of hearing loss to me is an uphill battle and extremely unlikely but hopefully those vets that feel they have been slighted by either VA or 3M get the compensation they deserve and not just looking for a financial windfall.


Maybe since 3M settled then the $9.1 million should be distributed evenly to every service member that served between 2003 and 2015, just taking into account an average Active duty force of 1.4 million during that time frame I'll be looking for my $6.50 check in the mail.

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