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$100 Splurge?

If you were to win $100, what would you splurge on? I would have a nice dinner out with my husband.

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I would get groceries. Hopefully for a few days, if I budget it correctly.

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@Constantitan I just recently started watching a YouTube channel called "Prepper Princess."  It's really fascinating to hear how she lives her life on a limited budget.  Very inspirational.

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I think that my wife and I would take our grandkids out for a hike, a fast food meal of their choice, and then an ice cream. Anything left over would be split for their piggy banks (although the way they eat there might not be much left to split lol).

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so sweet and authentic, @postman29 !


Supposedly I won $1,000 via AARP sweep "Happy at Home Sweepstakes".


Notified 11/22; filled out the forms.


To date, nothing...


apparently AARP outsourced this activity.


If I ever receive the proceeds from this sweep, I'd so love to send you $100 for that great day you described! Please let me know if one of your g-kids orders Strawberry?


Thanks in advance!



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Thank you very much for the offer! You are indeed "WebWise" and "WebKInd"! I would love to see that you treat yourself to something nice with your winnings. I'm sure that my awesome Grandkids would feel the same way. You so obviously deserve it! I'm so happy that you won and yes, strawberry is a family favorite! 😀

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@WebWiseWoman  First  of all congratulations! That's so kind and generous of you to share your winnings!  I hope AARP gets that to you soon.

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Steve the @postman29 Another great answer! Obviously you guys are awesome grandparents!

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