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technical issues

Apparently there have been many site changes..which always brings technical issues!

Quizzes won't accept answer to go to next jut sits no points!! Half of the daily points videos are not available anymore & just a few weekly & then monthly...which means take only once a month...& therefore limits daily points earning!   And  in the meantime there was only 1 sweepstakes....   & only a few ways to redeem points! Therefore I can't earn many points & nothing to spend them on anyway!!   This is a major setback & hope it gets attention immediately!




I have also noticed issues with appearance of the Rewards badge on Quizzes, as well as the issue mentioned by @Therapist4u in which the "Check Answer" button at the bottom of the quiz is just a solid bar, and does not advance. On occasion, neither the bar, nor the questions appear.


This has to be some error in browser compatibility check of the web code, since the very same page will behave differently on different browsers. Please put the code back to last week's state.


Another annoyance: when the mouse is over one of the Earn activities, the whole rectangle gets over written by a black bar with what appears to be a brief explanation of the activity. This is terrible user experience code. Regular HTML has already had a tooltip feature built in for over a decade. This reinvention of that feature using Javascript is neither useful nor attractive.




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Thank you for replying! I agree with your comments.... & like how you described the 'mouse hovering annoyance' issues!

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This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser.JPG

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@Therapist4u  Usually when I get a black screen, though I don't know if it's the same message in the screenshot you posted, I click Ok and the video reloads/starts working. 

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